Simplified authentification provider

Logo Authent Bio An open authentication framework, multi-biometry and multi-support (server and smart card), that delivers a strong biometric identity, adaptative and ready to use.

Because biometry is not an easy technology to set up and can hide many traps, it is a good idea to rely to a packaged tool that manage the security in an optimal manner.

In addition, as all use cases do not need the same level of security and all biometric modalities are not necessarily adapted to your specific needs or constraints, at the end its mainly the integration simplicity and independance from technology providers that will deliver an optimal user experience and the best guarantees for your applications.

2 products for different uses

BK Logon Windows and Citrix session opening (including Kiosk mode)
BK IdP Customer integration module, for cloud, on-premise or local environements, available as a white label

BK Logon provides a native authentication solution for Windows (with support for Citrix roaming sessions). This is a ready-to-deploy product, to be installed on the work computer and on a server, but without needing schema modifications. In Kiosk mode, the workstation will use a generic local account and automatically restore the user's Citrix roaming session.

BK IdP is designed for specific developments for integrating authentication needs in your business workflows. It is also available for third-party integrators that wish to add strong authentication capabilities to their products, without important R&D effort.

These 2 products are sharing the same administration tool BK Admin for preparing the identities and the system configuration. All technical aspects specific to biometric modalities in use are handled in the same transparent manner by the framework.

In Facial + Server mode, the tool can deliver a simple web authentication experience without any software installation or special hardware, just by using the webcam from the browser. If more specific needs are requested, the framework can support 3 other biometric modalities : fingerprint, fingervein and 3D Facial, with or without using physical tokens.


Multi-biometry by design

4 Biometries

  • Many proposed modalities : in addition to the 4 options already mentionned, the framework is evolutive and can easily integrate new technologies.
  • Modalities can be freely combined, with or without PIN code, and are dynamically switched, according to requirements and the available hardware (you only need to register a biometric template of each needed type).
  • New technology providers are constantly evaluated, to remain up-to-date with the market solutions, with the same product.


More advanced security

With the smart card, the security and privacy of your data is handled by an EAL4-certified physical support that never leaves your pocket.

To guarantee this level of security, all privileged accesses to the system are also managed by physical tokens: no more need of passwords for user administration, and the solution is also completely independent of domain accounts, which facilitates Help-desk support.

Finally, a « Point-to-point encryption mode» between smart card and the server allows to offer a higher level of security by complete isolation from the local computer.

In this mode, we can also provide stronger authentication methods like OTP or Challenge/Response, that are resistant to Replay or Man-in-the-middle attacks (also available for the Citrix environment).

More details

Use case scenarios

Windows Logon
Simply install the BK Logon product, works out of the box with facial recognition (2D or 3D), fingerprint..., with or without PIN, and with smart card support if necessary.
Application authentification
Using the BK IdP SDK, recognition of the signing person by facial identification and validation by PIN code. The accounts to be used are not necessarily from a Windows® domain.
Web authentication
Authentication using the local webcam, directly from the browser, without any installation on the local workstation.
Signature digitale
Integration with the BK IdP SDK, validation by Challenge/Response exchange with the Identypass authentication server (allows not to use a static password). It is also possible to add a USB token for an additional security factor and a certified audit trail.
Adaptative authentication
Fast biometric recognition for accessing the User privilege level, then complementary authentication (PIN code or token) to authorize Administrator access privilege.
Support for Citrix® sessions
Authentication integrated to the framework, compatible with the Receiver or NetScaler clients (StoreFront module to install on the server)